Friday 20th May 2005
Name  Country  Title     
Chair: ET Rippmann (Switzerland), A Kurjak (Croatia)  
ET Rippmann  Switzerland  The philosophy of Organization Gestosis 
A Kurjak  Croatia  3D and 4D ultrasound assessment of fetal behavior in patients with IUGR and EPH gestosis 
I de Luca Brunori  Italy  HLA-R in couples associated with preeclampsia: background and updating by DNA sequencing 
Chair: I de Luca Brunori (Italy), I Damjanov (USA) 
LE Mourachko  Russia  Pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of gestosis 
S Skrablin Kucic  Croatia  Expectant management of patients with severe preeclampsia - maternal and perinatal outcome 
I Damjanov  USA  Renal, liver and placental pathologic changes in preeclampsia. What's new? 
A Chkheidze  Georgia  EPH-gestosis, atypical forms, definition and nosography 
Chair: Z Alfirevic (UK), I Kuvacic (Croatia) 
Z Alfirevic UK  Antihypertensive therapy of severe preeclampsia / eclampsia 
S Meher  UK  Prevention of preeclampsia: evidence from randomized trials and systematic reviews 
I Kuvacic  Croatia  Preeclampsia. When should we go for termination / delivery? 
Chair: S Meher (UK), R Matijevic (Croatia), O Grgic (Croatia) 
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, I Kostro et al  Poland  Perinatal outcome in pregnancy complicated by chronic hypertension 
N Vecek, R Dmitrovic, V Blagaic ml et al  Croatia  Oocyte donation to a 51-year old woman resulting in HELLP syndrome 
D Tutunaru, SI Avram  Romania  First trimester serum homocysteine levels: prediction parameter for preeclampisia 
DM Paternoster, S Fantinato, A Memmo et al  Italy  Inhibin-A and C-reactive protein in preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction 
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, I Kostro, M Grymowicz et al  Poland  Lipid profile in pregnancy complicated by chronic hypertension 
A Chkheidze, M Zodelava, T Mamaladze et al  Georgia  Study of bone mineral density in adolescent pregnants 
  R Selthofer, T Kulas, R Becarevic et al Croatia  Syndrome Couvelaire     
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, J Wojcicka, R Smolarczyk et al  Poland  Hormonal changes in third trimester of pregnancy complicated by chronic hypertension 
D Tutunaru, L Cobac, T Motrenko  Romania  Severe preeclampsia and neonatal outcome 
M Stanojevic, I Bednas, B Grguric – Koprcina et al  Croatia  Early neonatal outcome after delivery in preeclamptic pregnancies: two year retrospective study 
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, J Wojcicka et al  Poland  The correlation between lipid and hormonal concentrations in the third trimester complicated by PIH 
D Dedeic, V Blagaic ml, O Vasilj  Croatia  HELLP syndrome with acute renal failure after preeclampsia: a case report 
K Czajkowski, I Kostro, J Sienko, M Bros et al  Poland  Renal function in third trimester of pregnancy complicated by chronic hypertension 
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Saturday 21st May 2005
Name  Country  Title 
Chair: M Carrapato (Portugal), A Smalcelj (Croatia) 
A Loganath  Singapore  Cytokines and it’s role in uteroplacental dysfunction 
M Carapato  Portugal  Neonates delivered by preeclamptic mother 
I Prpic Croatia  Gestosis / preeclampsia - Long term neonatal outcome 
A Smalcelj  Croatia  Essential hypertension and pregnancy 
Chair: W Fraser (Canada), H Elkabarity (Egypt) 
W Fraser  Canada  International trial of antioxidants for the prevention of preeclampsia 
H Elkabarity  Egypt  Endothelial growth factor, interleuikin-6 and homocysteine in serum at gestosis 
M Williams  USA  Relationship of maternal leptin, physical activity and risk of preeclampsia. A prospective study 
Z Alfirevic  UK  Magnesium Sulphate in preeclampsia / eclampsia 
Chair: R Pepperell (Australia), R Matijević (Croatia) 
L Mourachko  Russia  SPECIAL LECTURE Pregnancy and delivery management in women with transplanted kidney 
R Pepperell  Australia  Presentation of 2006 Meeting in Australia 
Chair: S Robson (UK), I Prpic (Croatia) 
Y Baytur  Turkey  The role of classification on the management of severe preeclampsia 
TBA  TBA  Importance of fetal DNA in prediction of EPH gestosis 
S Robson  UK  Fluid management in preeclamptic patients 
R Pepperell  Australia  Medico-legal problems in gestosis / preeclampisia - How we as clinicians can help 
Chair: A Bolte (The Netherlands), D Habek (Croatia) 
A Bolte  The Netherlands  Serotonin-2 receptor blockers and preeclampsia 
D Habek  Croatia  Oncotic therapy in management of preeclampsia 
R Levy  Israel  The role of Apoptosis in preeclampsia 
Chair: A Loganath (Singapore), D Habek (Croatia), O Vasilj (Croatia) 
S Vadachkoria, GB Woelk, K Mahomed et al  USA/Zimbabwe  Elevated sVCAM-1, homocyst(e)inemia and hypertriglyceridemia in relation to preeclampsia risk 
MI Samardziski, K Stankova,I Ristevska  Macedonia  Severe preeclampsia - Influence on prematurity and intrauterine growth restriction 
D Tutunaru, R Vladareanu, T Motrenko et al  Romania  Supraselective vasodilatator therapy in preeclampsia 
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, E Romejko et al  Poland  Perinatal outcome in the 3rd trimester complicated by hypert. in the course of chronic renal disease 
L Mohorovic  Croatia  Can methaemoglobin levels serve to predict preeclampsia before clinically evident disease? 
V Sucur, M Luznik, D Bosilj  Slovenia  HELLP syndrome at 21 weeks gestation – Case Report 
N Beridze, A Chkheidze, T Pirtsxalava et al  Georgia  Post partum examinations by method of electro puncture diagnostics 
MI Kovalev, X Clemente  Russia  Significance of EPH gestosis in the structure of indications to operative delivery 
VA Bourlev, ZS Zaidieva, VL Tioutiounnik  Russia  Placental growth factor, early prognostic factor of placental insufficiency 
E Petkovska, S Jancevska, DS Filipce  Macedonia  Early neonatal management of the growth restricted infant 
XM Clemente, NM Pobedynsky, AI Ishenko  Russia  Ozone therapy for placentary insufficiency at EPH gestosis 
F Skokic, G Radoja  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Haematocrit as a biochemical marker of brain ischemia in neonates born of mothers with H gestosis 
J Teliga-Czajkowska, KM Wiêch, T Maciejewski et al  Poland  Acute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP), a case report 
A Ahmed  UK  Anitiangiogenic effect of soluble VEGFR-1 in placental angiogenesis 
VI Kulakov, LE Murashko, AV Murashko, NF Kravchenko Russia  Management of  CVI  pregnant patients
S Dekovic, K Begic, J Dizdarevic  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Incidence of gestosis in special conditions of surrounded Sarajevo during the war
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Sunday 22nd May 2005
Name  Country  Title 
Chair: M Williams (USA), V Latin (Croatia) 
V Latin  Croatia  EPH gestosis - management in the outpatient clinic: What can we do 
M Williams  USA  Abnormal lipid profiles in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia / gestosis 
S Robson  UK  Underlying pathophysiology of preeclampsia - Progress in the last decades 
B Anic  Croatia  Antiphospholipid syndreome 
Chair: W Holzgreve (Switzerland), B Anic (Croatia) 
W Holzgreve  Switzerland  New insights into the pathophysiology of preeclampsia from fetal nucleic acids in maternal circulation 
E Rippmann  Switzerland  EPH gestosis versus Diastolic Hypertension and Proteinuria 
AC Vidaeff  USA  The use of corticosteroids in patients with gestosis 
O Petrovic  Croatia  Fetal maturity in preeclamptic pregnancies 
Chair: ET Rippmann (Switzerland), I Dekaris (Croatia) 
W Fraser  Canada  SPECIAL LECTURE Amnioinfusion in the cases of meconium stained amniotic fluid 
Chair: R Pepperell (Australia), O Petrovic (Croatia) 
I Dekaris  Croatia  Importance of the eye examination in patients with severe forms of pregnancy induced hypertension 
M Matanic Manestar  Croatia  The role of anesthetist in peripartal treatment of preeclampsia 
Submitted abstracts but no presented
D Tutunaru, SI Avram, FD Lebit, B Alexandru Romania  The prevalence of anti-2microglobulin i versus ACL antibodies in APL syndrome
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, J Wojcicka, P Milewczyk et al Poland  Renal parameters in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy complicated by hypertension in CRD
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, J Wojcicka, M Grymowicz et al Poland  Lipid metabolism in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy complicated by hypertension in CRD
K Czajkowski, J Sienko, I Kostro, M Bros et al Poland  Hormones in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy complicated by hypertension in CRD
LE Mourachko, IV Toumbaev Russia  Antihypertensive therapy influence on endothelial dysfunction in gestosis
LE Murashko, RA Nurutdinova, GT Sukhikh, LZ Fayzullin Russia  Role of HLA system in gestosis pathogenesis
LE Murashko, NF Ravchenko, NI Limenchenko, AV Murashko Russia  Pregnancy and delivery in women with trasplanted kidney
MA Kulterbayeva, ZT Badoyeva, MS Gubareva et al  Russia  Influence of hypertension on gestosis rate and severity 
MI Kovalev Russia  EPH gestosis frequency in modern clinical practice